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Mestry Prakashan, one of the best publishing houses in the Country.

We help you create a strategic book promotion that targets both local and international readers.

Raise your book’s profile with an eye-catching cover design, well-laid interior layout and interesting illustrations.

We also participate in exhibitions and books fairs to promote the sale of books and journals.

We attempts to promote National Integration by disseminating information and creating awareness about the various activities, regions, people and the myriad cultures & beliefs of the Nation.

Professional copyeditors enhance your manuscript and polish your writing while you still maintain creative control

We Welcome Upcoming New writers… we provide platform to new writers. Now publish your book at very low cost with Mestry Prakashan.

Come… Walk in…

For more info: 9967796254

Our books to sell

  1. शरसंधान (मराठी) – Sharasandhan (Marathi) (Click here to purchase this book online)Sharasandhan-marathi-book
  2. फक्त तुझ्यासाठी – Fakta Tuzyasathi (Marathi) Poet : Nilesh Bamne. Sold Out ukhaane1
3. एक निवांत समयी – Eka Niwant Samayi (Marathi) Poet : Nilesh Bamne Click here to Purchase
eka niwant samayi